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Mission trips usually run a week long and take place in clinics, hospitals, camps, make-shift clinics, and villages in northern Jordan. Our teams consist of medically trained personnel (doctors, surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses, therapists, psychologists etc.) alongside individuals interested in helping coordinate and provide humanitarian aid.

All mission participants are all self-supported – meaning you are responsible for your own flight and hotel; however AHR will assist you with coordinating efforts (i.e. travel planning, hotel accomodations, and travel between the hotel and our designated locations for the day). If you would like to participate in an upcoming mission, please fill out the our volunteer form. For any further questions regarding missions, email We need people with all kinds of skill sets- not just medical. If you have organizational skills, language skills, etc. please consider joining us. You are not required to speak Arabic as we have bilingual team members and translators available, but it certainly does help!

What should you expect on a typical mission?

Arrive in Amman day before mission begins. The first day will begin with breakfast at our base hotel, immediately followed by an introductory meeting and game plan for the week’s activities.

All medications and supplies brought for the mission will be collected, inventoried and sorted by the team. We travel to our sites with a ready-to-go fully operational pharmacy. We travel with ready to distribute humanitarian supplies as well as fun, educational activities for youth.

Mission Director sets the daily schedule of visits via passenger vans to clinics in the field, in local rehab homes, in hospitals and in the Za’Ataari Refugee camps. Days begin at 7am and end with dinner around 7 or 8pm, followed by regrouping of pharmacy and supplies.

VACCINATIONS: Please obtain the appropriate vaccinations for travel to Jordan, including the following vaccinations:

  • TDaP
  • Pneumonia and seasonal flu shots
  • Hepatitis A & B series

MISSION FEE: $ covers airport transfers, ground transportation/gas during the mission (including tips), # of dinners ( including tips), water.

HOTEL ROOMS: Room rates ($ single $ double) include daily breakfast and wifi. You are welcome to share a room. Not included in your room rate are personal incidentals such as room service, laundry, bar/snacks and restaurant expenses, tips, phone calls, etc.

BAGGAGE: We will provide letters to show you are part of a humanitarian mission. In the past, many airlines waive or reduce baggage fees. This is not guaranteed and each team member is responsible for their own fees. In most cases, team members collect old luggage that can be left in Jordan, fill them with medical and humanitarian supplies and bring just a carry-on with their personal clothing and items. It is helpful to keep a detailed inventory list in each bag. Please let the director know how many bags you will be arriving with.

AIRLINE TICKETS: No preferred airline; be prepared for a long day of travel. We will notify the group of each member’s arrival and departure information to arrange transportation to/from hotel.

AT THE AIRPORT IN AMMAN: Go to the money exchange bank on left side, prior to immigration line. Visa costs 40 JDs (they only take JD) then, proceed to the second line on the far left of the immigration desk to get your visa. Pick your luggage, and get a porter to assist (please tip $1 or $2 per bag). Exit the terminal and look for a driver who will be expecting you. If your flight is delayed, canceled or you change your flights, please notify us so we can pick you up accordingly.

FUND RAISING: As a participant in our medical missions, we encourage participants to raise funds for donations such as medicine, food, baby formula, blankets, clothing, educational supplies and ongoing support of rehabilitation programs. (Please see link to AHR donation page)



TEAMWORK: Be flexible. Be prompt. Be a team-player. Wear many hats! Adjust your expectations even if it means lowering them. Think outside the box. Be creative. Use humor. Listen. Give hope. Do not venture off alone. Do not change the plan. Do not give out money, food, medications, clothing, toys etc. unless specifically instructed to. Share your experiences with the world when you return!