Children are in need of care

Your support brings healing and hope

Your Generous Donation Makes a Difference

Please share with those in need. Your gift helps bring healing and hope to those in need.

Help us bring needed care to those Syrian refugees who are in need. Your financial gift and support helps us bring critical medical care and relief work to the refugee populations living in camps, temporary housing units, and rehabilitation homes that we support.

Medical Support

Please help us treat the medical needs of thousands of Syrian refugees who need care.

  • 100% of your donation goes toward medical treatment & supplies
  • Our doctors are volunteers and donate their time; your funds help heal patients
  • Medicine, surgical equipment, bandages, medications and more are in short supply
  • Your generous donation helps treat the sick and injured
Medical Support Donation

Humanitarian Aid

Basic human needs - food, clothing, hygiene needs, & shelter are in short supply

  • Your donation helps feed, clothe and care for those in need
  • Women and children are the most vulnerable
  • Your generous donation is greatly appreciated
Humanitarian Aid Donation

Planned Monthly Giving

You can arrange financial donations to be made on your behalf each month. We will process your monthly contribution through Paypal's secure payment gateway and you will receive a monthly statement indicating the charged amount. You may cancel your planned giving at anytime, or continue to give each month - providing care and treatment for those affected by the Syrian conflict.





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Winter Aid Blanket Drive

Help us buy warm blankets to give in time for the coldest part of the year.

  • We are buying thick, warm blankets for Syrian refugees
  • Each blanket costs $7; A $30 gift cares for a family of 5
  • There are over a million and a half in Jordan alone
  • Oftentimes refugees don't have any heat or electricity
  • Your generous donation is greatly appreciated
Winter Aid Donation

Our Partners

Over the years, AHR has developed strong bonds with other organizations striving to accomplish the same goals. We appreciate the ongoing and utter support of our partners and sponsors because our missions would not be as successful without them