We are a medical relief organization

We provide critical medical care and humanitarian aid where its needed

Our Mission

Every day, thousands of Syrian children and their families flee for safety

Our mission is to provide medical relief and support services that address the physical wounds and emotional suffering of those impacted by the ongoing military conflict in Syria. We have a holistic approach to servicing the refugees; throughout the several trips, volunteers have brought educational kits for children, books, face paint, games, toys, and various articles of clothing for all ages.

Sustainable Programs For Ongoing Care

We operate and support multiple ongoing medical programs for Syrian refugees

The work and support we provide lasts well beyond the medical mission trips we coordinate. Over the past two years, we have helped establish sustainable care units that are addressing the medical needs of the Syrian refugees day in and day out. Some of our programs are caring for the traumatic - spinal injuries and amputees, while others are treating wounds that are perhaps go deeper, the psychosocial impact of war and displacement on children and their families.

We Need Your Help

Displaced Syrians are spread around Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and other boarding countries. Many are living in make-shift refugee camps and some have sought refuge on their own. The local governments and other humanitarian NGO's are trying to deal with the massive overload on medical resources, but the reality is that there just aren't adequate resources to address the needs.

Syrian Missions was formed to address the need by bringing added medical personnel, training, and resources to the refugee populations, predominantly in and around Jordan. We form international medical mission teams comprised of doctors, nurses, and other humanitarian aid workers that donate their time and talents to care for those in need. We care for mostly women, children and the elderly – providing general medical care, prescribing and dispensing medicine, and performing surgical procedures to address injury.

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More than 2 million Syrians have fled from the fighting in their homeland
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Your donation of medical supplies, equipment, clothes, and more makes a difference

So Many Are In Need

In addition to our medical relief missions, we collect medical supplies and equipment, medications, clothing, and other items to help support humanitarian needs of the Syrian refugees in Jordan and elsewhere. All donations collected in the U.S. We inventory and coordinate the delivery and distribution of items in Jordan.

  • Medical Supplies
  • Clothing
  • Personal Hygiene & Care Items