The Syrian Crisis

Every day, thousands of Syrian children and their families flee for safety

The military conflict in Syria has displaced more than 6.3 million people within the country and caused almost 5 million refugees to seek safety in surrounding countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt. Women, children, and the elderly are the most vulnerable in this crisis as shelter, medical care, and food resources are stretched beyond their limits within these host countries. More than 120,000 lives have been lost since the conflict began more than two years ago, and many have been injured and are in need of care.

In Jordan, over 655,000 men, women and children are currently trapped in exile. Approximately 80 per cent of them live outside camps, while more than 140,000 have found sanctuary at the camps of Za’atari and Azraq. Many have arrived with limited means to cover even basic needs, and those who could at first rely on savings or support from host families are now increasingly in need of help

Our mission is to provide medical relief and support services that address the physical wounds and emotional suffering of those impacted by the ongoing military conflict in Syria. We aim to fulfill our mission by delivering vital health care services, humanitarian aid, and sustainable development projects in support of the injured and those who are most vulnerable - refugee women, children, and the elderly.

Medical Relief

You can help us deliver medical care and support for those Syrian refugees who need it most.

Humanitarian Aid

Share medical supplies, clothes, and other resources to help relieve the burden of those in need.

Financial Support

Your generous financial gift can help bring hope and healing in someone's life.

Atlantic Humanitarian Relief, Inc. (AHR) is a Boston-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (also non-religious, non-political) with volunteers from across the globe. In November 2012 board members of AHR – not being able to stand idly by without action – embarked on their first volunteer medical/humanitarian mission to Jordan to serve Syrian refugees. Since then, AHR organizes week long medical and humanitarian trips to aid Syrian refugees in Jordan. They work in makeshift clinics, community centers and refugee camps throughout the country treating thousands of patients per trip. Collaborating with other organizations dedicated to Syrian relief, they collect and distribute humanitarian aid and coordinate medical missions to areas of Jordan with little or no access to medical care. There are over 600k Syrian refugees in Jordan. In a week span, AHR provides primary and urgent care to thousands with limited to no access to healthcare.

Providing medical and humanitarian aid can only continue with your generous support.

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